G o t t a L i g h t M y F i r e


We all have a story. Whether we actively manage it or not, our story is there and serves as a unique representation of our own perspectives and beliefs on what it is that we do – but more importantly – what it is that we want to appear to do. In a digital age where power is placed solely on perception, we are each faced with one insurmountable and defining question: how do I accurately and effectively communicate my story?


Urvil James Villaruel –Photographer, videographer, writer, web designer and marketing & communications specialist.

A creative self-starter, I have been practicing visual and written communications for the past
seven years. Initially handling promotions for my own garage bands, I eventually developed my own company, GottaLightMyFire, and began working for clients; assisting them in the promotion of their own brands via social media, photography, videography, brand strategy, website design, layout and copywrite. Specializing in the Active Living & Lifestyle sectors, some notable clients have included: In the Spirit Yoga Studio & Wine Lounge, Life Cosmic, Akhanda Yoga, Bikram Yoga Toronto East and the Energy Martial Arts Academy.

Venerating the importance of travel, I also have experience in planning, filming and editing a YouTube mini-series held across the Asia Pacific, encompassing: Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines entitled the HKO’12 TOUR. In my off time, I manage a blog site that I helped co-found, www.TnBTheories.com, which has currently amassed a following of over 7,000+ individuals, as well as a digital travel photo book, www.VentureForthxDiscover.com.

I am currently undergoing my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 200-hour certificate at In The Spirit Yoga Studio & Wine Lounge under LefteriAlexander (Alx) to accompany my black belt instructorship from the Energy Martial Arts Academy in Toronto. As life is about both structured and Self journeys, I aim to translate my experiences back to what I have learned during my years pursing my undergrad in marketing from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and my post-graduate diploma at Centennial College for corporate communications and public relations.


Whether it be photography, video, writing, web site design, marketing strategy or creative communications, it’s all about figuring out the best way to accurately and effectively present your story to the rest of the world.

Turning the ‘you’ that you see into the you that everybody else sees.